Pay for an annual license ($923) up front, and we will waive the $999 launch fee. Yup, it is $0 to launch your pre-order and pay app including basic branding and product offering configuration if you pay the annual license up front.

- Inventory control. Your app will count what is sold, you will have access to financial reporting in your order             portal.

- Customer order monitor. You system includes a screen that can be used to display the order status in store, to     keep you customers  informed and happy!

- Automatic upselling. Your app will ask every time.

per location 

More than two locations? Contact us for even better pricing!

- Integrated Point of Sale. With our integrated point of sale you can process orders in store and from your app!

- Merchant bank integrated. Keep your current bank account. We don't handle your money.

Let's keep this simple.‚Äč

Cost to get going? 


We could go on... but this is where we suggest you contact us with questions!

Some features you might want to know about... 

Flat, predictable pricing that doesn't punish you for being successful.


- Push notifications. Your app notifies customers of order changes from 'pending', to 'accepted' to 'ready'!