Frequently Asked Questions... Don't hesitate if you have one that isn't on this list!

How long does it take to launch?

Is there a commission? 

Oh it's secure. Your apps will meet PCI-DSS-A-ep standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Series A Electronic Payment), ya that's a thing. We help you configure your merchant bank account so customer payment information never leaves the bank. By using tokenization, payments are processed on your app without being exposed to the risk of storing payment information. 

Don't expect your current users to immediately use your app. Start by including your app in your print advertising (a QR code on the front of your flyer). Leverage YOUR BRAND, reach your customers through your social media and web presence. Don't forget to advertise IN STORE with tent cards and window stickers, we can help you with some of this.

You have complete control over your mobile and in store product listing. Turn products on or off with a simple tap, or delegate this feature to your manager! You can add pictures and a variety of sizes and variations for each item.

Can I control my product offering/menu?

Does it track inventory?

How do I promote my app?

NO. There is no % fee on sales made through your app. Our pricing is based on the number of stores/locations operating the software. 

Payments will flow directly into your merchant bank account. Your current merchant bank fees will apply. 

$77 per month, per location. Pay for an annual license ($77x12=$923+tx) up front, and we will waive the $999 lauch fee. Yup, it is $0 to launch your pre-order and pay app including basic branding and product offering configuration. There is NO ongoing commission on your sales, our prices are flat and are based on the number of locations you are running.

Yes! The application is can list SKU's and can provide reporting on sales, COGS and report inventory control sheets. We don't configure these until the application is launched and we clarify what information you will want.

Is it secure?

First we will need some branding information, your colours and logo. Second we will need a picture of your menu, so we can set this up the first time. Third, users, who would you like to have access to the system. Fourth, we will need to work with you and your merchant bank to accommodate electronic payments, address verification, card verification and the ever important vault services to keep customer payment information secure. 

So where does my money go?

How much does it cost? 

How does 'launching' work, what can I expect?

30 days. In week one we will provide images of what your app will look like with your colours and logo. In week two we will have your order portal accessible and we will begin configuration. In week three we will need to work with you and your merchant bank to ensure you have the correct configuration. We will also need something called an API key, but we can chat about that later! In week four we test test test and launch when ready!