This is Molly. She loves cuddles and is a little suspicious of strangers!

This is Silas. He's 12, loves the dog park and spicy food, ya, like curry and stuff?!

I began working on developing a pre-order and pay infrastructure in 2015 after missing a meeting while waiting in line for coffee.

Having a decade of working with software, I knew the technology existed for me to preorder and pay for this coffee. After a year of development we launched JavaGrab, the demo app, that processes very real transactions. We use this platform to show our software at work. I have a local development partner, and all our development is done in Canada. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to be specific! 

My mission is to make enterprise level pre-order and pay apps available to the average small business. I have invested nearly three years and countless dollars (my accountant would say otherwise) in my mission. This is me to the right, and that is one of the two successful selfies I've ever taken.

Here's my phone number: 306-381-5778.

Hi, my name is Aaron. founder.

These are my dogs Molly and Silas. If we ever meet please show me pictures of your children so I don't feel like a ridiculous dog owner.

A bit more about me.